Bank for sale for 530 million Euro


They are talking about the sale of the bank for one year already. According to the words of the head of National Bank of Belarus Peter Prokopovich, they are looking for a European Bank as buyer.

“We need not just an investor but a strategic investor, who will attract billions of Euro in our economy. It should be top 20 large European Bank” stated Mr. Prokopovich.

Mr. Prokopovich also mentioned one criterion for such an investor: “This bank should be European. We have two major trade partners – Russia and European Union. We have 10 Russians banks and only 2 European – and this is non-equivalent.

To continue the topic of privatization in baking sector Mr. Prokopovch mentioned that it is possible to attract as strategic investors chines banks. “We are conduction negotiations with them. But they have a condition. The turnover between countries should be of a certain level. We could reach this level probably in two years” – assumed head of national Bank.

Public company “Belinvestbank” (93% belongs to Belarusian state) is the firth large size Belarusian bank (according to the size of assets). It is among the top three banks in corporative banking services, and specialized in state project financing.

It must be mentioned that in December 2009 Russian bank “Sberbank” has bought the third large Belarusian bank for 280 million dollars. The first price for it was 500 million as well. 

According to belarusian portal TUT.BY