Belarus' GDP up 7% in January-July

In January-July 2010 Belarus’ GDP was up 7% over the same period in 2009 and reached Br83.836 trillion in comparable prices, BelTA learnt from the National Statistics Committee. 

In line with the socio-economic forecast, GDP is projected to increase by 11-13% in 2010.

In January-July the production of industrial goods made up Br86.324 trillion, up 9.6% (the year’s forecast stands at 10-12%) over the same period a year before. The manufacture of consumer goods totaled Br19.278 trillion (up 11.1%), the production of foodstuffs Br10.502 trillion (up 10.6%), nonfoods – Br7.638 trillion (up 12.4%). The 2010 forecast for consumer goods stands at 14-15%.

According to belarusian portal TUT.BY