Belarus looks to build 300MW wind farms in 2011-2015

Wind farms with a total capacity of 300MW could be built in Belarus in 2011-2015, reads the energy strategy of the Republic of Belarus through 2020. The text of the document approved by Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 1180 is available at the national legal portal.

According to the document, 1,840 sites have been identified in the country. Their theoretical possible energy capacity is more than 1,600MW. In 2009, the total installed capacity of wind power plants amounted to 1.2MW, which allowed replacing 0,400 tonnes of equivalent fuel.

There are plans to build a 160MW wind farm in Dzerzhinsk District, Minsk Oblast in 2011-2014. 

According to the strategy, the energy potential of solar energy in Belarus is 10,000 tonnes of fuel equivalent. Given the climatic conditions of the country, the solar energy will be principally used in solar water heaters and a variety of solar power plants for drying and water heating in agriculture. They can be used for other domestic purposes. A 160kW domestic solar water heater was commissioned in Soligorsk District in 2010. A similar installation is planned to be installed in the Ozerny resort hotel of the National Bank of Belarus.

According to Belarusian portal