Belarus may build waste incinerators

Waste incinerators will be built in Belarus, Sergei Kuzmenkov, Head of the Waste Treatment Office of the Belarusian Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry, told a press conference on 10 November.

The relevant concept has been forwarded to the government.

In response to mass media reports claiming that waste incinerators pollute the environment, Sergei Kuzmenkov said that such enterprises are safe if they are fitted with proper cleansing systems. For instance, in Vienna a waste incinerator is located in the center of the city. A waste incinerator in Poland is located within city boundaries, too. All the enterprises operate successfully without harming the environment.

According to the official, if the concept is approved, waste incinerators will be built in towns of over 100,000 residents. Every project will have to undergo an ecological examination. “Our requirements will be as tough as the European Union’s. If a waste incinerator fails to meet them, nobody will build it,” said the official.

In turn, Anatoly Shagun, Head of the Public Utilities and Energy Office of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, added that rather rich countries, for instance, Germany, Japan, and Sweden, can afford building waste incinerators. The cost of cleansing systems can make up 35% of the total cost of a waste incinerator. “I think these projects will not go ahead in the next five-year term because they are hard to accomplish from the economic point of view,” said the specialist.

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