Belarus to adopt privatization plan in 2010

The privatization plan for 2011-2013 will be adopted in Belarus this year, representative of the State Property Fund of the State Property Committee Anna Korniyevich stated in a meeting with the heads and representatives of the trading and economic services of the foreign institutions accredited in Belarus on 24 November.

The talks highlighted propriety relations and the implementation of a three-year privatization plan in the Republic of Belarus.

The implementation of the first three-year privatization plan for 2008-2010 is completing this year. “A new plan for the next three years should be adopted this year. It has been submitted to the Council of Ministers and is to be coordinated with the President,” Anna Korniyevich said. The draft plan envisages reorganization of almost 130 state-run companies and the sale of shares of more than 250 joint-stock companies.

The new privatization plan will include companies whose shares had not been sold in the course of the implementation of the previous program. Among them can be joint-stock companies that were planned for selling with the help of agents under the IMF recommendation.

According to Anna Korniyevich, Belaruskali is ready for privatization, but it is not taken into the privatization plan. In her words, if Belaruskali’s shares are to be sold, then it will be done only with the participation of a strategic investor and on the relevant conditions.

At present the State Property Committee is busy discussing a new pilot project on selling joint-stock companies. The project is coordinated with the IMF.

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