Belarus to install over 100 biogas plants

There are plans to install over 100 biogas plants in Belarus soon, said Vitaly Kulik, First Deputy Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Minister of Belarus, at the opening of the 15th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum.

Belarus already has pilot specimens of biogas plants, wind turbines and geothermal plants. At present the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry is inventorying the locations, which are fit for wind farms. In particular, there are plans to install a wind farm in Dzerzhinsk District soon.

The official said that more efforts will be poured into this industry. He said he hopes that every year more and more investors will put money into alternative energy resources partially thanks to the forum. Vitaly Kulik expects that by 2020 alternative energy resources will account for dozens of per cents in Belarus’ energy budget. Belarus strives to reach the figures that developed economies demonstrate. The country’s sustainable development system relies on developing the economy and the social sphere. Better living standards for Belarusians are inseparable from keeping the environment in a good condition. All the new technical solutions, which are designed to develop even the backbone industry and power engineering, strictly comply with ecological requirements and minimize the anthropogenic stress on the environment.

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