Belarus to present over 100 projects in Frankfurt am Main

Belarus will present more than 100 projects at the investment forum in Frankfurt am Main. All in all, around 170 projects were considered in the course of preparations for the forum, Igor Kamalov, deputy director of the National Investment Agency, told reporters.

Igor Kamalov noted that the main objectives of the forum, which is scheduled for November 17, are to demonstrate investment attractiveness, provide more information about business environment and the terms of investing in Belarus.

The program of the forum features two plenary meetings and four sections: banking and financial activities, new opportunities for infrastructure development within the Customs Union, industry and agriculture, innovations and efficiency.

Alfa-Bank (Belarus) is the general partner of the forum. The chairman of the board of the bank Denis Kalimov said, “We need to attract resources and investment. Now it is not easy for us to work with foreign companies and banks because they are biased towards the country. We and the government are in the same boat. We need to overcome these difficulties. One of the main objectives of the forum is to create a positive investment image of Belarus. For its part, Alfa-Bank will do everything possible for the forum to be held at the highest level and attract a large number of major European and international investors.”

Within the framework of the forum, and in the future, Alfa-Bank intends to show the advantages of the Belarusian economy. “In particular, we must show that there is stability in Belarus. This is a very big advantage for investors. This is the very first question that any conversation starts with, be it a conversation on a foreign credit or acquisition of some assets in Belarus. Stability is our distinct advantage, since the crisis hit Belarus to a lesser extent,” Denis Kalimov said.

“We have order here as well. Today we see certain distrust from contractors in this area. For instance, some investors still believe that in Belarus there is no guaranteed right for property. But in fact in Belarus there are no cases of property redistribution such as in large cities of Russia and Ukraine,” Denis Kalimov added.

Moreover the country has an up-to-date and clear legislation contrary to a still popular belief about its complexity, according to the banker.

“We should show our potential investors that Belarus is a promising country, one of the world’s top ten business reformers. Besides, the Customs Union with its 170-million-strong market opens up new opportunities for Belarus. We should also demonstrate it,” he stressed.

Particular attention was given to personnel. “We have educated highly-qualified specialists almost in every sector,” Denis Kalimov said. In his words, when a foreign company comes to the country, a decision should be taken on whether to employ local personnel for running a business or to involve foreign managers. “In Belarus the majority of foreign companies employ Belarusian workers and specialists. This fact proves that we have highly-qualified personnel that can run business properly,” he stressed and expressed hope that the forum in Frankfurt am Maine will help potential investors know Belarus better, will help attract more investments in the Belarusian economy.

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