Belarus to raise a barrier to the creation of new administrative procedures.

Belarus will put a barrier on the creation of new administrative procedures. The statement was made by Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Tur at the meeting of the Republican club's directors at Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers named after M. Kunyavskij.

While reducing the administrative procedures we should avoid creating new ones, said Andrei Tur. According to him, today’s liberalization in the Republic – “it’s neither a campaign, nor a time period of some changes – it is the vector of the economies development, which aims stimulating and freeing of entrepreneurial initiative”.

Over the past three years Belarus has significantly advanced in the process of liberalization, said Mr. Tur. It is proven by the increasing number of business entities involved in entrepreneurial activities. Last year the number of legal entities increased by 40% and it is important to note that the increase in the number of legal entities exceeds the increase in the number of individual entrepreneurs (at 13.5%). Now it is important not to lose the momentum and continue to work in this direction, said Andrei Tur.

According to estimations, the overall tax burden in relation to the profits expected to decline to 60%, and time costs - up to 300 hours, said Deputy Economy Minister. In his opinion, this is an important aspect, because the number of taxes is being reduced to 26 units.

Andrei Tur also noted that over past two years reduction the number of administrative procedures was decreased by 36%. “It seems to be a lot - on the third, but sometimes we can see that these procedures, as hydra, were removed in one place, are multiplying in the other”. This issue will be addressed in the Directive № 4, whose draft is being prepared. "The Directive № 4, which aims improvement of tax procedures, can change the situation. The focus will be not on reducing the administrative procedures by themselves, although this will be done, how much on establishing barriers to the creation of new administrative procedures, "- said Deputy Economy Minister. This may be the same approach as was adopted with a licensing procedure. According to the vision, new procedure could be introduced by the Council of Ministers, and not by any lower authority. 

According to Belarusian portal