Belarus’ tourism industry revenue up

In the five months from January to May the export of tourism services increased by 38.4% from the same period of last year to $44.8 million. Export of tourist services increased in many things due to the growth in sales of vouchers for foreigners (up by $5.8 million) and also services of the hotels not included in the tours (up $4.7 million). 

Import of tourist services rose by 42.8% to $3.5 million. This was due to the increased import of services of hotels that are not included in the cost of tours.

As a result, the tourism industry of Belarus posted a $31.4 million surplus (36.7% growth). It means the Belarusian tourism industry is becoming more attractive for foreign travelers and “more competitive in its price policy,” Viktor Yakovenko said.

 According to Belarusian portal