Belarusian agriculture called the most promising investment area

Agriculture and food industry of Belarus provoke the deepest interest among foreign investors, chief specialist in M&A and Investment Banking at Alfa-Bank Belarus Oleg Andreev told at a press conference in Minsk on November 8.

“Foreign investors are becoming extremely interested in these industries because of deficit of some products,” Oleg Andreev said. In his opinion, telecommunications is another promising investment area. “There is not much foreign capital here, that’s why we expect more investors to come in this business in the near future,” - he added.

Belarusian energy is of a special interest for foreign investors as well, especially renewable energy. Experts predict an increase in investments in this industry. The insurance and construction industries are.

Director for International and Stock Exchange Transactions at Alfa-Bank Sergei Mukhanov noted that the investment climate in Belarus has recently become more favorable for foreign investors. In 2005, about $300 million of direct foreign investments was injected in the country’s economy, while in 2009 this figure was $1.8 billion or $190 per capita ($112 and $115 in Russia and Ukraine respectively). In the first half year of 2010, this figure reached $1.2 billion.

The increase in foreign investments is attributed to the economic liberalization in Belarus. Privatization is another factor contributing to investment flows. “These processes are near completion in Russia and Ukraine, while in Belarus they have just been launched. It is worth mentioning that enterprises are made private at a fair price here,” the specialist said.

According to Sergei Mukhanov, the forthcoming Belarus Investment Forum in Germany scheduled for 17 November will also help to find new foreign investors.

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