Belarusian leasing stock is likely to be created in 2011

Belarus intends to create a leasing stock in 2011. Experts suppose this will liberalize the market by allowing lessors to operate more transparently and setting them free from haunting lessees’ thresholds.

The leasing stock will be based on electronic database that will gather real-time on-line information on the lessee requirements. Thus, register will contain data on necessary equipment, its approximate price, terms of funds provision, expected interest rate, etc. Every lessor can be linked to the system and offer a lessee his services.

According to rough estimates, setting up a lysing stock will demand for $20 ths. The key role in this process belongs to the Belarusian Lessor Union that will presumably become the electronic platform operator.

The lysing stock is called upon lysing market systematizing, fair estimation of market size, simplifying the procedure of looking for new clients for large-scale lessors and enabling small companies benefit from special commission. The lysing stock creation will also enable foreign investors to gain an understanding of local conditions; especially to know the demand for equipment, the lessee requirements and planed interest rates.

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