Belneftekhim to present three projects in Frankfurt am Main

The Belneftekhim petrochemical concern plans to attract foreign direct investment in the projects of Grodno Azot, the Mogilev Artificial Fiber Plant, Rechitsa Textile. Belneftekhim is presenting these projects at Belarus Investment Forum which is to take place in Frankfurt am Main on 17 November, deputy head of the department for promising development and investment of the Belneftekhim Concern Dmitry Avrach said during a video briefing in Minsk on 1 November.

The cost of the Grodno Azot project reaches almost $95 million. The project of the Mogilev Artificial Fiber Plant will cost nearly $20-25 million and that of Rechitsa Textile – about $4 million.

“We have selected these projects in order to find direct investors for them, i.e. attract FDI either in setting up joint ventures or for some other plans depending on the proposals of the investors,” Dmitry Avrach said.

There have been selected the most significant projects for the companies of the concern. For instance, Rechitsa Textile plans to launch the production of different personal hygiene means. It will be import-substituting products.

The Belneftekhim petrochemical concern includes over 60 organizations. The company accounts for nearly 30% of Belarus’ industrial production. The concern produces more than 500 types of petrochemical and chemical products. Over 70% of the products are exported to more than 100 countries.

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