China is actively investing in Belarus

Deputy Premier Andrei Kobyakov, at the meeting with the chief auditor of the State Audit Office of China Sun Baohou on the 12th of May in Minsk, said:

"We highly appreciate the support of the Chinese leadership and the Chinese banks which provide more than $ 14 billion for implementation of investment projects in Belarus.”

According to him, "over the past six years the economy of Belarus has received nearly $ 250 million of Chinese investment; large investment projects, significant for our country, are implemented. Vice-Premier said that it concerns the projects on modernization of the Belarusian cement industry and energy sector.

A. Kobyakov said that "Belarus is a reliable ally of China, we see China as a strategic partner." Vice-Prime Minister stated that today the relations between countries are characterized by "high level of political dialogue, the dynamic development of trade and economic relations." In particular, A. Kobyakov drew attention to the fact that in 1992 trade turnover between the countries amounted to only $ 34 million, then in 2008 it reached $ 2.2 billion.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister, the creation of joint Belarusian-Chinese companies is important in expanding the bilateral cooperation. In particular, in 2009 Belarus together with a Chinese partner set up JV in China for the production of BelAZ and Gomselmach machinery. "In 2010, the assembling of Belarusian tractors is planned to open in China," said vice-minister of the Belarusian government.

S. Baohou also told about the dynamic development of bilateral trade. "We have an opportunity to enhance the complementarity of our economies", - said the chief auditor of the State Audit Office of China. In particular, he sees a potential in expanding cooperation in the field of agricultural engineering, implementation of the Belarusian technologies for the production of Belarusian tractors.

EnterInvest Company believes that relations between Belarus and China can be called a strategic partnership that carries advantages for both parties. For China, Belarus has become a convenient outpost for the expansion of Chinese interests in the region. For Belarus, China is an important and open source of technology and capital. Chinese investments support Belarusian economy, Belarus supports the Chinese policy and opens the door. I want to draw the attention of potential investors to the fact of immense Chinese trust to the economy of Belarus.

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