Company based in Hong Kong received a status of investment agent of the Republic of Belarus

Hong Kong Company CBT Development Limited was created specifically for realization of the project on construction of transportation and logistics center on the territory of the aircraft repair plant near Orsha. The company was founded by Singaporean public investment fund in real estate and private equity fund in infrastructure, real estate and telecommunications.

It is supposed that the area of the future logistics center will be about one million square meters that will house storage facilities, areas for storage of goods, business center, coffee shop, hotel, and a fair for the sale of brought-in goods.

As previously announced by the Government of the Republic of Belarus, the project will take a part of the transit flow from the Moscow airport "Domodedovo", and will divert a share of the international flow of transit, walking past Belarus in the east-west and west-east directions. Under the terms of investment agreement, the facility should be commissioned by 2013. Business plan assumes that the project budget of the initial phase, according to the most conservative estimates, is about $ 20 million

Delegation to CBT Development Limited authority of investment agent of Belarus was one of the key conditions for the participation of Chinese business in this project. Under the terms of the investment agreement, a Hong Kong company and Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant will create a joint venture in which the share of Belarusian enterprises will be 20% and the share of Chinese is 80%.

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