Competition for the creation of a monitoring center for the gaming industry is announced in Belarus

The resolution of The Council of Ministers № 668 set up a  competition for the best investment proposal to establish a monitoring center in the gambling business. During the contest the best investment proposal of a commercial organization will be chosen.  The company on a real-time basis will provide to the authorities round-the-clock receipt of accurate and relevant information about the work of the gambling establishments. It must be clear information on the back of cash and payment of winnings to players. The winner will have to provide the software and hardware, and if necessary gaming equipment compatible with it.

The interdepartmental committee, chaired by the Minister for Taxes and Levies, organizes the competition and determines the winner. The committee consists of representatives of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, the State Standard and other state bodies and institutions.

Under the terms of the contest the investor must establish a monitoring center without the involvement of public funds and ensure its operation for at least 10 years. In addition, it should guarantee the safety and confidentiality of information about gambling, and security equipment that expected to be used in monitoring center must comply with domestic cryptographic standards.

The concept of gaming industry in Belarus is proposed to connect all the Belarusian casinos and slot machine halls to a single computer network with a monitoring center. The establishment of a special computer cash register system (CCRS), which will systematize data on financial flows casinos operating in Belarus, is provided for this goal.

In this case, the state will be able to on a real-time basis all the data on incomes and expenditures of gambling establishments, and check cleanliness of gambling businessmen, in particular, ensure that it complies with the requirement of a minimum winning percentage (Belarus it is set at 90%). In addition, using this system allow to change a fixed tax on the gaming table (or a slot machine) by income taxes.

The company EnterInvest believes gambling industry to be promising in Belarus. After the closure of gambling establishments in Russia, and in light of the anticipated their closure in the Ukraine, Belarus has every chance of becoming a center of gambling establishments in Eastern Europe.

The news is prepared on the basis of materials from BELTA