Energy cooperation between Germany and Belarus reaches a new level

About 300 representatives of Belarusian and German ministries and departments, business circles and the parliaments of two countries participated in the IV Day of the German economy, which was held in Minsk. The motto of the event this year was the following: "Energy and environment - sustainable development." However, a significant role at the forum was paid to the overall economic aspect.

Firstly, because without favored economic regime the penetration of know-how to the Belarusian market is difficult initially. And secondly, because the prices of specific German energy projects in Belarus has already been identified.

In particular, agreement on the construction of a modern wind power capacity to 160 megawatts the signed between the leadership of the Minsk region and the German company Enertrag AG is at stake. The project cost is estimated at 360 million euros and about 250 million of this amount will make investments from Germany.

The Head of the German Economy in Belarus Vladimir Augustinian recalled that the company Enertrag AG participated in I Day of German Economy in Belarus. Such an example of interaction between firms with the Belarusian authorities, he said, may be indicative for the development of the Belarusian-German cooperation.

The specific steps to develop bilateral relations were mentioned on the forum by Ambassador of Germany in Belarus Christof Weil, representatives of the Belarusian Ministry of Energy, other government organizations and business circles of Belarus and Germany.

The Head of the Commerzbank AG in Minsk Oliver Schufmann stressed that the events such as the Day of the German economy expand the already existing contacts and help to find potential partners for new collaborative projects.

At the same time the representative of the Ministry of Economy and Technologies of Germany, Wolfgang Gestermann expressed the hope that further liberalization of the Belarusian legislation would allow both countries to interact more productively.

It is likely that the current Belarusian-German forum will contribute to the process. The Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Belarus on industry, fuel and energy complex, transport, communications and entrepreneurship Sergei Semashko admitted that after discussing the problems of the energy sector a clear understanding of how they should be solves at the legislative level emerged.

How such decisions will contribute to the development of the Belarusian energy sector and attract investment into it, including Germany, will become clear very soon. In any case, the Belarusian MPs intend to adopt the law on renewable energy in October, 2010.

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