EnterInvest at European Finance Week in Frankfurt-am-Maine

The main event for the Belarusian investment area was III Belarusian Investment Forum.The Forum became a good platform, brought together representatives of the Belarusian authorities, investment projects, major financial institutions and foreign companies interested in entering the Belarusian market. In addition to concrete results, signed investment agreements and memorandums of intent, an important marketing role of this event - the promotion of Belarus as a promising area for investment projects with a normal business climate and clear rules of doing business - should be recognized. This idea was expressed not only by representatives of the Belarusian authorities, but also by foreign investors who have already implemented or are implementing projects in Belarus.

Four sections were organized within the forum. Representatives of the EnterInvest took part in the three: "Banking and investment opportunities of the financial market", "Promising areas for investment. Privatization as an investment tool", and "Innovation for energy efficiency and ecology. Renewable energy sources".

At the section "Innovation for energy efficiency and ecology. Renewable energy sources" EnterInvest presented specially prepared for this event review of the renewable energy sector of the Republic of Belarus. The review was prepared by the investment company EnterInvest jointly with Belarusian Association of Renewable Energy and the Department for Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus. The quality of this review was noted by industry experts who participated in the forum.

Besides the Belarusian investment forum, the investment company EnterInvest took part in the Congress on Central and Eastern Europe, where the investment attractiveness of the region and mechanisms of raising capital in various sectors of the economy were discussed. The main themes were the investment attractiveness of infrastructure projects and development of stock markets as a source of capital for projects in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Also, representatives of EnterInvest participated in the 2nd IFC conference (International Financial Corporation), the main theme of which was the role of emerging markets in global economic recovery in post-crisis period. It was discussed how private sector, government and financial institutions such as IFC can cooperate in investment projects realization in emerging markets. As the most interesting sectors for investment were admitted renewable energy, infrastructure, education and health.

The 1st Conference devoted to Islamic finance was one of the most interesting and unusual event where the experts of the company EnterInvest took part. Islamic Finance, the most quickly growing and most dynamic sector of global finance, is of great interest as an alternative source of investment in Belarusian projects. The Islamic finance, based on the theoretical and ideological doctrines of Islam reflected in the Quran, least of all suffered from global economic crisis and were marked by the Pope as the most ethical finance, worthy of emulation in other financial systems.

The company EnterInvest presented at the European Finance Week in Frankfurt-am-Main a number of projects in renewable energy, infrastructure and commercial estate with the total cost of 410 million U.S. dollars. Negotiations on the possibilities of financing these projects were hold with such companies as IFC, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank, Sberbank, VEB, Deutche Bank and other major financial institutions, consulting companies and investment funds.