Foreign capital moves into regions

During the summer (June-August 2010) more than 160 foreign and the joint ventures received official approval on their application for registration. Over the same period last year applications of only 123 foreign and the joint were satisfied.

Minsk and Minsk district remains the most attractive for investors. This region accounted for the vast majority of newly discovered companies with foreign capital - 90 business entities, accounting for more than 50% of new foreign and the joint venture.

However, it should be noted that, compared to the summer of 2009, the percentage of Minsk foreign and the joint ventures in the total mass of companies with foreign capital decreased slightly. Foreign capital had begun to move into regions.

During this period, in Minsk region emerged 20 new foreign and the joint ventures. Dzerzhinsky district became the leader with 6 new enterprises registered in these forms of ownership. New ventures with foreign investors appeared in Kopyl, Stowbtsy, Luban.

In Brest region over the past summer appeared 17 new foreign and the joint ventures. These include, for example, “Belita West” and K Kazakh logistics company “Euro Asia Terminal”.

In Gomel region, where 12 new foreign and the joint ventures were registered, investors are interested in small cities and towns. Here new business entities with foreign capital are planning to develop projects in Rechitsa (Vasilevichi wood processing factory), Petrikov, Bragin districts, as well as in Dobrush. In Kalinkavichy created SOOO “Agrousadba Suprunovich”.

Foreign investments in Vitebsk region this summer mainly went to a small town Miory, where three foreign-invested enterprises were opened. A total amount of 11 new foreign and the joint ventures were established, including the project of Swiss company "THP Ecotech", which will operate in recycling in Vitebsk.

In Grodno and Mogilev regions for this period , respectively, 7 and 4 enterprises with foreign capital participation were registered.

At the same time, experts note that in comparison with 2009 large projects over the summer and as a whole during 2010 did not appear.

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