Germany eager to partake in creating new industrial park in Belarus

Germany is interested in taking part in the creation of a new industrial park in Belarus, Sergei Rakhmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told media after the Belarus Investment Forum in Germany on 24 November.

According to the official, the German side has expressed readiness to help develop Belarus’ innovation infrastructure, including the possibility of setting up a technological park. “Belarus already has the High-Tech Park, which specializes in information technologies. German colleagues suggest projects in other areas,” said Sergei Rakhmanov. He said that the project to create a new technological park is just an idea for now and needs to be discussed more thoroughly.

At the investment forum in Germany the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented four investment projects worth a total of over €60 million. In particular, a project to start manufacturing LED products in Belarus was suggested. “Although we can do it on our own, we are ready to invite investors,” said Sergei Rakhmanov. In his words, they had established contacts with some German companies for the sake of implementing the project.

A project to start a joint venture to use RFID technology to create smart documents and systems to monitor commodity flows was presented in Germany. These innovations will be introduced across the globe soon on a large-scale, Sergei Rakhmanov is convinced. These innovations open up major opportunities in the area of logistics among other things. The matter is particularly topical for Belarus because there are plans to build modern logistics centers in the country.

Apart from that, German investors were presented a project to start manufacturing ultrafiltration membranes for energy-saving water purification. The nanostructure membranes are durable and can be used multiple times without being destroyed.

At the forum Belarus presented a project to start manufacturing polymeric composite materials. Belarus plans to scale the technology and promote the materials onto foreign markets. These materials are used more and more often to replace metals. They are durable and resist corrosion.

Sergei Rakhmanov also said that prospects of cooperation in innovation projects were discussed with Sberbank of Russia at the forum. The Belarusian side expects the bank to take part in the projects. Negotiations with Alfa-Bank were held at the forum. The bank is interested in projects for setting up high-tech enterprises in ex-USSR, including Belarus.

The NASB representative pointed out arrangements between Belarusian specialists and the German company Enertrag for the delivery of LED devices for lighting wind turbines. German companies need powerful lighting devices and Belarusian scientists are ready to manufacture them. According to the source, there are plans to sign a preliminary agreement on such a partnership with representatives of the German companies in Minsk soon.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has high hopes for cooperation with the German company REG AG, which is ready to participate in Belarusian energy effectiveness projects.

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