International experts assessing Belarus’ IP strategy

A team of experts of the World Intellectual Property Organization has arrived in Minsk to assess the draft national intellectual property strategy of Belarus for 2011-2020, told reporters head of the information and methodology department of the National Center for Intellectual Property Valentin Rachkovsky.

WIPO Independent Consultant Ron Marchant and a member of WIPO Secretariat Sergei Zotin have already started examining the draft strategy. After the examination is over, the experts will draw up recommendations to improve the intellectual property management and protection in Belarus.

The draft strategy will be finalized with a view to the recommendations. Then it is due to be discussed at a workshop at the National Center for Intellectual Property on 14 December. Taking part in it will be governmental officials, scientists, professors, people of art, businessmen and leading IP experts.

Valentin Rachkovsky said the draft national intellectual property strategy for 2011-2020 aims at the improvement of Belarus’ intellectual property legal framework and infrastructure. It will also address the problem of innovations in the real sector of economy. The strategy will include measures to fight counterfeit goods trafficking and strengthen the intellectual rights protection mechanisms. The document also focuses on personnel training. The abovementioned issues are set to be considered in the nearest future. “Belarus may count on advisory and financial support from the WIPO,” Valentin Rachkovsky said.

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