It is planned to attract at least $ 1 billion of foreign investment In Minsk economy in 2010

During the first half of the 2010 $ 500 million has already attracted that allows to predict the accomplishment of the tusk. More than 3 thousand investment projects are realized in Minsk, the largest 83 of which are on the special control of the City Committee. They are implemented with the participation of foreign investors. In particular, these projects are "Minsk-City", "Eastern Beacon", reconstruction of the stadium" Tractor ", etc. Several projects will be implemented with the participation of the Chinese capital – development of the "Lebjazhiji" district, construction of "Chinatown" district.

More than 90% from the expected $ 1 billion of foreign investment are foreign direct investments. Investors mainly invest in urban infrastructure development (construction and renovation of the hotel complex), the creation of high-tech and environmental industries, companies with a wide range of activities (consulting, investment, etc.).

In the total volume of foreign investment about 80% goes to Russia, followed by Austria, Cyprus, UK,  the Netherlands, China and Iran. In 2011, three leaders will probably change. A leading position can go the Chinese and Iranian companies.

In turn, First Deputy Chairman of the Economy Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee Tatiana Kravchenko said that Minsk generates one third of GDP in Belarus, the main production facilities and attractive sites for investment are concentrated here. It is expected that investments in fixed assets will double in five years.

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