Minsk implementing over 50 projects with foreign investment

“According to the International Finance Corporation providing the analysis of the investment climate in different countries, the Belarusian investment legislation is one of the best in the CIS,” the Minsk Mayor stated. In his words, investors are guaranteed a proprietary right and other legal interests. The stable domestic political situation, low crime rate and corruption and no interethnic and religious conflicts create a positive image of the city for investors.

“Investors from many countries, including Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and other countries, already gave their preference to our city as the place of lucrative, safe and promising investment,” Nikolai Ladutko said.

New big investment projects have been launched this year. They include, for example, the construction of the Prilesye transport and logistics complex (investor - Iranian company Cason), construction of a logistics park using the infrastructure of the National Airport Minsk (group of Belgian companies AOI NB), the project to build a logistics outsourcing center BLT Logistic.

According to the mayor, about 4,000 enterprises with foreign investment operate in Minsk (1,713 joint ventures and more than 2,000 foreign enterprises).

On 7-8 October Minsk is playing host to the international scientific and practical conference “The resources of large cities - the resources of social and economic development of the region and country.” Attending the event are over 240 people from 11 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Turkey, China, Czech Republic, Switzerland, etc.

According to Belarusian portal belTA.by