Minsk puts up for auction 26 building lots

The MCEC decision also determines functions of prospective building projects on these lots. They are manufactured goods and grocery stores, consumer services blocks, cafes, service stations, car washes, etc. Most of the building lots are situated in new metropolitan area Kamennaya Gorka, others locate in Loshitsa, south-western (Golubev, Gromov and Esenin streets) and western (Prityski, Belski, Odoevski, P.Glebka streets) parts of the city, Kizhevaty and Kazinets streets. Lots’ areas are small – from 0,07 hectares (shopping centre at the intersection of Minsk Ring Road and Partizanski avenue) to 2 hectares (cafe near the house № 26 in Shishkin street).

MinskCity Realty Centerprecises the auction is planned to be held in the 4th quarter of the current year after preparation of corresponding documentation. The building spots will be provided according to the Decree №10 “About creation of special conditions for investment activity in the Republic of Belarus”.

The Decree №10 facilitates the conditions of investment activity for both Belarussian and foreign investors. Investors who concluded the investment agreements can obtain such common preferences as:

  • provision with holding without an auction;
  • step-by-step legalization of necessary documents for allotment of land concurrently with construction on these practically occupied territories and constructing with parallel designing of next building stages;
  • import of manufacturing equipment and its spares for investment project purposes without customs clearance charges and discharging of value added tax

According to Belarusian portal belta.by