Minsk region executive committee signs 75 investment agreements

The Minsk oblast executive committee has signed 75 investment agreements, Chairman of the Minsk oblast executive committee Boris Batura told a press conference on 19 August.

The most important of them is an investment agreement with a German company to construct an up-to-date wind farm in Dzerzhinsk District. The project is divided into two phases (2011-2012 and 2012-2014). The total investment makes up nearly €400 million.

“The construction of a wind farm will boost the alternative energy development in the region. Wind mills which are to produce 150 million kilowatt-hour of electric energy will cover 3% of the oblast’s total needs in it,” Boris Batura said. Local fuels should soon account for 25% of the oblast’s fuel balance. Today it makes up 17%. 

The Minsk oblast executive committee will also work together with the Finnish companies to build up small CHP plants in four regions. The total investment in construction will make up €200-250 million. There are also serious investment projects to develop industrial manufactures, in particular, the construction of a pipe galvanization plant in Stolbtsy District. Logoisk which is becoming a center of pharmaceutical industry of the oblast will open one more manufacture of medications.

A lot of investment projects will be implemented in Minsk District. Among them is the construction of entertainment centers and an aqua park. An investment agreement has been signed with a German company to open a motordrome for safe driving training. The total amount of investment envisaged for the projects - €20-100 million.

Boris Batura stressed that utmost attention is paid to raising investments in the oblast. The Minsk oblast executive committee provides financial support to businessmen in the implementation of promising projects.

According to Belarusian portal belTA.by