National Exhibition Center project to be presented at Investment Forum in Germany

The project will be presented in the 2nd section, New Opportunities for Infrastructure Development within the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan (Transport, Logistics, Construction, and Tourism).

The investment project targets the construction of the National Exhibition Center in the south part of the future residential neighborhood of Shchemyslitsa.

Belarus holds a lot of exhibitions every year. Taking part in them are more than 10,000 of organizations (some 70% of them are Belarusian manufacturers). The exhibitions are attended by more than 1.5 million people, half of them are non-residents of Minsk. It is them who create jobs for hotels, restaurants, business centers, etc. The volume of exhibition services and number of events increases by about 10% annually, which makes it necessary to construct a new exhibition center, which will meet the global standards.

In line with the project the 50,000-square-meter center will consist of six exposition blocks linked by a gallery. The gallery features all the relevant premises – lobbies, conference halls, catering facilities, etc. The complex also includes open-air grounds. The construction of the accompanying infrastructure will be financed from the budget.

There are plans to build residential quarters in the Minsk suburban area Shchemyslitsa, and to link this area with Minsk by means of metro, which construction is planned for 2010-2014 and also by surface public and individual road transport services.

Given the high attendance of the showrooms of the National Exhibition Center, a high-rise office and hotel complex of the total area of 120 square meters (two 40- and 50-storied buildings) will be constructed in close proximity to the exhibition center.

The plans on the tables also include the construction of a football stadium for 30,000 seats next to the center. The four-level football stadium designed according to the FIFA requirements features a natural grass football field, an automatic irrigation system, artificial heating, trade and commercial facilities.

The center will enjoy favorable location: close to the international highway Brest-Moscow, which is the main transport thoroughfare of Belarus. Every year the traffic increases by an average of 12%. The highway accounts for 60% of the transit transport flow.

The advantages of the location have already been appreciated by InterStroiPortalPlus, one of the foreign investors, which has already launched the construction of a large trade and logistics center Shchemyslitsa next to the exhibition center. The complex will include commercial and public facilities, warehouses of the logistics center, a hotel, an office building and multi-storied parking area.

The project is in its pre-investment phase. The estimated cost is $150 million. The Republic of Belarus is ready to cooperate in any form proposed by investors: from the creation of a joint venture with the participation of the Belexpo National Exhibition Center to attracting foreign direct investments. The term of design and construction is four years.

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