New plans of the government of the Republic of Belarus in the alternative energy

Sergey Sidorsky recalled that in 2010 the share of local types of fuel in energy balance of Belarus should reach 25%. Currently, the figure is 21%. It is expected that within two years the share of local fuels increase to 30%, and in future of Belarus intends to replace most of the imported traditional energy sources by local.

According to the Prime Minister, in Belarus it has been built about a dozen of mini heat electro power stations running on local fuels already (in Vileika, Bobruisk, Osipovichi and others towns). The most effective project was implemented on Pruzhany mini heat electro power station, which was commissioned in 2009. "In the future, such stations will be built in every region of the country. We have set ourselves the ambitious goal - to reach the construction of such stations on local resources in all the medium and small cities. This challenge we intend to solve in the next three or four years", - stressed the head of government. Later he added that this would increase the country's energy security and efficiency of use of energy.

The company EnterInvest sees prospects for participation of foreign investors in the development of alternative energy in Belarus. This area seems us to be so promising that the company EnterInvest independently invests in biogas, biodiesel, geothermal projects, and considers  possibility of participation in other projects related to the generation of energy from renewable sources.

The news is prepared on the basis of materials from BELTA