No major Belarusian enterprises slated for privatization in 2011-2013

The Committee has prepared and submitted the draft privatization plan for the next three years to the government. It has not been approved yet.

The official reminded that attracting investments for Belarusian enterprises is the key goal of privatization. There are Belarusian enterprises that can substantially improve their financial status if they go private. “This is why we have submitted the list of enterprises that all the ministries and government bodies of the countries had submitted to us to the government,” said Georgy Kuznetsov. There are no major well-known enterprises on the list. They may be privatized but only by other government decisions.

The list includes around 300 enterprises scheduled for privatization.

The official said that the State Property Committee took into account IMF recommendations when making the list. The International Monetary Fund does not strictly instruct what enterprises should be privatized. For instance, the IMF assisted Poland with privatizing petrochemical enterprises. Belarus, however, can privatize such enterprises without the aid of international organization. It could use help to privatize medium enterprises. Belarus would be thankful for such help, said the head of the State Property Committee of Belarus.

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