Production of biodiesel fuel in Belarus up 67.2% in January-September

In January -September Belarus produced 608,900 tonnes of biodiesel fuel, up 67.2% from the same period of 2009 announced National Statistics Committee.

By the end of the year the Belneftekhim companies will manufacture over 780,000 tonnes. Grodno Azot, Mogilev Khimvolokno and Belshina produce biodiesel fuel within the framework of the national biodiesel fuel program for 2007-2010.

Increasing the production of biodiesel fuel enhances the energy security of the country as imported energy carriers (oil) are replaced with own renewable energy (rapeseed oil). Biofuel is the most eco-friendly motor fuel. The use of biofuel also creates social benefits in the form of additional jobs in rural areas and at processing companies. Biodiesel fuel is also cheaper as compared with diesel fuel.

Biodiesel sold at Belarusian filling stations is a mixture of mineral (petroleum) diesel fuel and biologic components (biofuels) (the ratio of 95% and 5% respectively).

According to the National Statistics Committee, the refining output in the country increased by 72.5% over the same period last year.

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