Sberbank to set up FDI Fund for Belarus

“Sberbank is likely to start setting up its own FDI Fund for Belarus,” Vasily Matyushevsky said. He added that a series of subsidiary businesses are set up in line with the transformation policy of BPS-Bank.

Vasily Matyushevsky reminded that at the Belarus Investment Forum in Frankfurt am Main Sberbank and Deutsche Bank agreed to set up an investment company with operations in Minsk. The framework agreement has already been signed.

Apart from that, BPS-Bank and Banque Havilland (Luxemburg) are setting up Belarus’ first FDI Fund to the tune of €250 million.

BPS-Bank signed cooperation agreements with Commerzbank. “We have sealed an agreement with Commerzbank to deepen cooperation, like implementing a series of projects in retail business. It is new to the Belarusian market” Vasily Matyushevsky said.

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