The Statute of the International Agency of Renewable Energy was ratified

Deputy Chairman of the State Standardization Committee Leonid Shenets announced that Belarus joined to the agency by signing its charter on Feb. 11, 2009 in Bonn for the purpose of promotion international cooperation and establishing permanent contact with international organizations to develop and implement projects in the field of energy development.

The Agency is an independent international organization that is based on the principle of equality of all its members. One of the most important areas of its activities is the support of members in developing and improving conditions to encourage the development of renewable sources.

According to Schenets, agency charter states that it will implement the consulting to improve conditions for the promotion of renewable energy sources, and promote potential building in renewable energy.

In addition, Shenets said, Belarus will receive financial support. In particular, the first phase of this assistance will amount about $ 50 million.

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