Two large hi-tech parks to be set up in Belarus in 2010

A park of advanced technologies in microelectronics and a sci-tech park in biotechnologies are expected to come on stream in 2010.

According to Igor Voitov, the state innovation development program envisages the development of innovation infrastructure. The implementation of the program is slated for this year. In line with the program, there have been created more than 10,000 new hi-tech jobs, set up new manufactures, upgraded many existing companies in the country. “We set forth even more ambitious goals for the next five-year period,” Igor Voitov said.

In particular, the program provides for new hi-tech manufactures, an increase in the export of hi-tech goods. The share of the innovation products will be increased to 40% of the total. By the end of the five-year period the financing of the sci-tech and innovation activity in Belarus will soar six times. Priority areas for development will be energy, energy saving, agricultural, construction, industrial, nano and biotechnologies. Special attention will be focused on the development of cosmic, information and communication technologies.

A lot is to be made to improve the legislation base regulating the innovation activity. In particular, the head of state instructed to work out and adopt a law on the state innovation policy. Ni this respect the key attention is paid to the development of hi-tech manufactures, Igor Voitov noted.

According to Belarusian portal