Unemployment at 0.8% in Belarus

As of September 1 this year the registered unemployment in Belarus remained at the level of 0.8% of the economically active population, BelTA learnt from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. 

As of September 1 last year the unemployment rate was 1%. Then for a long time it remained at the level of 0.9%, and reduced to 0.8% as of July 1 this year. The unemployment is projected at 1.2-1.5 at the end of 2010. Throughout the year the jobless rate remained below the projections. Experts rule out a possibility of sudden negative changes in the labor market that could be accompanied by a surge in the unemployment.

According to the current data, the registered unemployment rate remained at the previous level in all regions of the country. As of September 1 it was 1% in Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel and Grodno Oblasts, 0.9% - in Mogilev Oblast, 0.8% in Minsk Oblast and 0.4% in the City of Minsk. 

But the number of unemployed registered with the Labor, Employment and Social Services of Belarus increased by 0,800 to 38,600 in August (as of 1 September 2009 they were 13.5 % more). The first autumn months traditionally witness an influx of people seeking support in finding employment. In previous months the number of unemployed decreased in Belarus: by 1,100 in July, 1,900 in June, 2,300 in May, and 0,700 in April. 

The growth in the number of vacancies has slowed down. This is due to the coming seasonal decline in the demand for workforce. For example, the number of vacancies increased by 3,300 in April this year, 5,000 in May, by 6,300 in June, 0,900 in July, and only by 100 in August. Currently the database of vacancies of the state employment assistance services (based on the applications of employers) contains 55,400 vacancies. This is 31.6% more than a year ago. 

The number of people seeking jobs increased by 1.9% from 278,500 in January-August 2009 to 283,800 in January-August 2010.

According to Belarusian portal belTA.by