Vitebsk Oblast to present its projects at Belarus Investment Forum in Germany

Two large projects will be presented by Vitebsk Oblast at Belarus Investment Forum in Germany, Deputy Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Vitebsk oblast executive committee Konstantin Chernyi told

The first project, Vitebsk’s transport and logistics corridor, includes different variants for transport and logistics centers, schemes for freight delivery and transit, passenger transportation via the oblast. The first part of the project is the Orsha aircraft repair plant with its ability to receive and serve aircraft of different level. The second one is an international airport in Vitebsk where there are plans to build up a freight terminal. The transport and logistics corridor includes rail, motor and air transport. The project costs $300,000-400,000 million. Vitebsk is currently in talks with Czech investors who are interested, first of all, in road haulage between the Czech Republic and Moscow, Konstantin Chernyi added.

“Vitebsk Oblast has a very advantageous geographic position: it borders on the European Union (Lithuania and Latvia) and Russia which is one of the most attractive markets for European companies. Besides, the major highways, Moscow-Warsaw, St Petersburg-Odessa, come through the oblast,” Konstantin Chernyi said.

The second, cultural and educational, project is aimed at the popularization of the image of Vitebsk Oblast as Marc Chagall’s homeland. The project cost reaches almost $500 million. The project will also consist of subprojects. One of them (nearly $200,000) is restoration of four houses in Pokrovskaya Street where the family of Marc Chagall lived. According to Konstantin Chernyi, many foreign art critics and businessmen are deeply interested in the creative work of the outstanding Belarusian art figures.

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