WB ready to help develop Belarusian stock market

“The Belarusian Finance Ministry said it would like to develop the domestic stock market. We are discussing it,” said Martin Raiser. He added that the work has just begun.

Martin Raiser believes that foreign direct investments should play a larger part in the retooling and modernization of the Belarusian economy. It will allow keeping up the growth rate of export to new markets as well as a high economic growth rate on the whole. The World Bank representative remarked: “Belarus should give a signal to foreign investors that it is ready to attract them to modernize the economy”. He said that a lot has been done but the measures now have to be systematized. “When an investor comes into a country and invest money for 10-15 years, he needs the economic terms to stay unchanged for this time and needs opportunities to make profit,” explained the specialist.

In his words, in the last five years Belarus has achieved considerable success in privatization matters but there have been few major investments to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars except for Gazprom and several deals in the banking industry. “I hope that more such investors will come to Belarus in the future,” said Martin Raiser.

According to Belarusian portal belTA.by