Advisory board on government programs set up in Belarus

An advisory board on government programs has been set up in Belarus in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 660 of 24 May 2011, announced the press service of the Belarusian government. 

The advisory board will be headed by First Vice Premier Vladimir Semashko. Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas and Economy Minister Nikolai Snopkov have been appointed his deputies.

The board will comprise the bureau and several sections targeting certain areas. The advisory board will include more than 60 people. Among them will be the heads of state bodies, ministries, departments, senators, academicians, representatives of the business unions and associations, and also famous people of Belarus, former heads of state bodies now retirees.

The advisory board on draft government programs will provide expertise and give opinion on draft government programs. Its main task is to examine drafts as well as proposed measures aimed at addressing major social and economic problems. The advisory board will assess whether resources and activities are enough to achieve the goals set out in government programs.

The advisory board will issue its statements regarding draft government programs based on the results of examination. They will advice on whether the programs should be submitted for consideration of the Council of Ministers or whether they should be finalized and re-submitted to the advisory board. The board has the right to invite to its meetings managers, other government officials, request the documents and materials in the prescribed manner, and involve employees of the state agencies involved in the preparation of meetings.

Organizational and technical support to the board will be provided by the Economy Ministry.

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