Belarus announces tender for development of Sitnitsa deposit of building stone

Belarus has announced an open international tender to select an investor for the project to develop the Sitnitsa deposit of building stone and construct a mining and processing enterprise, announced the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

Investments needed for the project are estimated at $381.3 million. The project is expected to be implemented according to the scheme: design, construction, financing, operation. It will be implemented within tight deadlines. The winner of the tender will be determined on 3 October. Agreement with the investor will be signed before the end of the year.
The project involves the construction of a pit, a rock-crushing plant, energy generating facilities, transport, communications, water supply, sewerage, electricity supply networks and the expansion of the railway fleet.
The tender is based on the principles of transparency and meets international standards. The tender is necessary to meet the needs of the economy of Belarus in raw materials for the construction industry and expand export potential, says the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

The payback period of the project will make up nine years. “Economic effect will be reached through low prime cost of granite recovery and its further processing. Competitive prices will serve as an incentive for saturating the market with building stone of different fractions that meet the European standards,” the ministry added. 

Exploration works at the Sitnitsa deposit revealed rich granite and diorite beds. The deposit is estimated at 470 million cubic meters. The deposit is located not far from the railway and a navigation canal leading to the Pripyat River.

In March Belarus will announce open international tenders to select investors for the development of brown coal, iron ore and oil shale deposits. The corresponding business plans have been developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, and also by the industry, architecture and construction ministries and other agencies with assistance from the National Agency for Investment and Privatization. The business projects suggest the creation of mining and processing plants to produce metallized pellets at Okolovsky iron ore deposit, to develop the Brinev, Zhitkovichy and Tonezh deposits, and also to construct a coal mining company and a coal-fired power plant at the Lelchitsy brown coal deposit. In addition, projects have been developed regarding the development of the Turov and Luban oil shale fields.

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