Belarus eases price control from 1 March

The law on price liberalization takes effect in Belarus on 1 March. Corresponding decree No 72 “On the issues of regulating prices (tariffs) in the Republic of Belarus” was signed by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on 25 February.

The document was signed with a view of reducing state regulation of prices and tariffs.

“The decree preserves state regulation of prices (tariffs) for several types of commodities (works, services) vital for the country’s economic stability, products of natural monopolies and several groups of socially-important commodities,” the press service said.

The document defines commodities (works, services) which fall within state price (tariff) adjustment and provides the list of government bodies authorized to conduct the state regulation of prices. Prices and tariffs on goods, works and services which have not been included into the list will be set by businessmen independently taking into account the existing competition.

The document annuls certain regulations including the right of the government to fix maximum indexes of changes of prices and tariffs. Compulsory registration of prices and tariffs on new types of paid services (first of all, medical services) will be also canceled.

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