Belarus gets down to $125m WB-financed energy-saving project

Belarus is about to start implementing an energy-saving project worth $125 million. The project is financed by the World Bank, Leonid Shenets, Director of the Energy Effectiveness Department of the State Standardization Committee of Belarus, told the press on 5 May.

“We have already signed an agreement on allocating the money. The money will be used to implement energy-saving projects in several regions of Belarus,” said Leonid Shenets. There are plans to convert boiler houses into cogeneration plants in Mogilev (the capacity stands at 15MW) and in Borisov (65MW). They used to provide heating only, spending 170kg of fuel per 1Gcal. Now these installations will spend as much to also generate electricity. As part of the project four boiler houses of the housing and utilities infrastructure in Oshmiany, Rechitsa, and Borisov and in rural areas of Vitebsk Oblast will be converted.

Apart from that, Belarus and the World Bank are about to start working on other project, for which a $30 million loan has been granted. “The project has been signed. We are now working on documents to implement it, on applications and tenders,” said Leonid Shenets.

The official also informed that several other projects involving the World Bank had been completed. In particular, an energy-saving project worth $22.6 million in the social sphere has been accomplished. Nearly 670 projects in the area of education and healthcare have been accomplished, boiler houses have been installed and converted along with heating installations in schools, hospitals, and retirement homes. Another project worth $15 million provides for converting 390 energy sources.

A Chernobyl project worth $50 million is supposed to be completed in Belarus by 1 July 2011. One project in the town of Dobrush, Gomel Oblast, will have to be completed using this loan.

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