Belarus has adopted a law on renewable energy sources

On the 27th December, 2010 law № 204-3 «On renewable energy sources» was adopted. This Law regulates the relations connected with the use of renewable energy for electricity generation, its future consumption and other usage, as well as production facilities for renewable energy.

The adoption of the law is an important event in the renewable energy industry, which provides answers to a number of important issues: the sale of energy, connection to the public power grid, as well as the allocation of costs to modernize the grid.  

According to the adopted law energy producers get the right to a secure connection to the state-owned energy networks installations of renewable energy. In addition producers were entitled to a guaranteed purchase by public energy supply organizations of all the proposed energy produced from renewable energy sources and delivered to the state power grids.

In the first 10 years from the date of commissioning the installation for renewable energy power tariffs are set at the level of electricity tariffs for industrial enterprises with the use of raising factors, differentiated depending on the type of renewable energy sources.

In next 10 years of operation of installations for renewable energy purchase of energy produced from renewable energy sources is carried out using established by the law coefficients that encourage the use of renewable energy.

Moreover, within the framework of state support in the field of renewable energy tax incentives for energy producers and the possibility of exemption from payment of customs duties and imported into the territory of technological equipment provides were established.

Connection of installations that use renewable energy to public power grids will be implemented under a contract on purchase of energy between a producer of energy from renewable sources of energy and public power supply organizations.

The rights and obligations of the parties, the order of settlements, the planned sales volume of energy, responsible for the quality of services provided under the contract will be required to define as the essential conditions of the contract for the purchase of energy.

An important step is that the costs of modernization of state power networks for the provision of technical connectivity installation of renewable energy have been assigned to the energy supplying organization, which will lower the cost of the investor and increase the attractiveness of the project.

This Law is to come into force in six months after the signing, but we can already say that he will give a significant boost to renewable energy industry in Belarus.