Belarus’ HTP registers six new resident companies

During its recent session, the HTP Supervisory Board considered new applications from legal entities and sole proprietors to become resident companies. As a result, the number of the HTP resident companies rose to 94.

Saitodrom Company, a developer of information systems for technical documentation support and for business processes automation in industry and advanced catalog management systems, was registered as an HTP resident company. Other new resident companies include Cactussoft company, a developer of software in the field of advanced mobile technologies; Mapsoft, a developer of complex systems for automation of public institutions using industry software platforms, means of cryptographic information protection and electronic signature; Information Technology Alliance, a developer of financial software; Ericpol Brest company, a developer of high-tech software for key telecommunication centers; and SCAND Company, a developer of corporate information systems and software.

Resident companies of the High Tech Park implement projects in banking, telecommunications, oil, gas and other industries. They also participate in e-government projects in the CIS countries. HTP companies double their software export annually as from 2005. Export accounts for 80% of the total High-Tech Park output. Resident companies supply software products to 45 countries.

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