Belarus, Huawei to develop IT for healthcare

The State Science and Technology Committee together with the National Academy of Sciences and the Health Ministry are planning to sign a cooperation agreement with Huawei for the design and development of IT in medicine. “The aim is to share the new solutions in healthcare. Here our institute is involved in the discussion of possible bilateral projects, including in the area of telemedicine,” Alexander Tuzikov said. 

Telemedicine uses telecommunications for prompt exchange of medical information between professionals. The main advantage of such technologies is an opportunity to provide highly professional support to medical institutions in remote areas. Belarus has created the first segment of the nationwide telemedicine system, which combines 30 healthcare organizations: 10 of the national level (leading centers of Minsk and the Centre of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology in Gomel), 9 of the regional level and 11 central district hospitals. By 2015, the telemedicine system should cover not less than 60-70% of healthcare facilities in the country. This is envisaged in the national program for accelerated development of ICT services for 2011-2015.

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