Belarus, Kazakhstan to implement 5-7 high-tech projects shortly

Belarus and Kazakhstan will implement 5-7 important high-tech projects in the near future, Anatoly Rusetsky, Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, said after the negotiations in Astana on 25 May.

Particularly, Anatoly Rusetsky noted that to date the parties are working in the agricultural industry. “We can and we will establish broad cooperation in agricultural sciences,” he said.

The second promising industry is biotechnologies. “Belarus pays much attention to this industry. Nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and energy saving are priority avenues in Kazakhstan,” Anatoly Rusetsky stressed.

According to him, the sides agreed to cooperate in biotechnologies. “We are going to set up a joint venture to provide stem sell treatment at the NASB. There are several medical establishments of this kind in Kazakhstan,” Anatoly Rusetsky said.

According to him, there are good prospects to cooperate in drug synthesis, pharmaceutical production. The parties may sign a concrete agreement in this area.

One more promising field is connected with nanotechnologies which are used in various industries. “We have achieved good results in the production of water treatment systems. We hope to implement a contract in the near future. We have agreed to supply water treatment systems to Kazakhstan,” Anatoly Rusetsky said.

Moreover, Kazakhstan is interested in cooperation in light-emitting technologies. Particularly, Kazakhstan has an opportunity to produce electronic silicon and establish an enterprise for silicon growing. Belarus has also performed certain groundwork, thus the cooperation of both countries is very promising, Anatoly Rusetsky believes.

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