Belarus offers joint energy, logistics projects to Turkey

Sergei Martynov believes that Turkey might show a big interest in a possibility to take part in the construction, tourism and energy programs of Belarus as well as in its logistics sector.

The protocol signed at the previous meeting of the commission (some three years ago) enforced agreements on cooperation in almost every area. Sergei Martynov stressed that Belarus and Turkey had made great progress in the implementation of these agreements. “The Belarusian and Turkish business as well as the governments of the two countries should assist not only the export and import of goods but also joint production of products both in Belarus and Turkey,” the minister said. At present Belarus is considering Turkey’s participation in upgrading the production of worsted cloth.

“We welcome regular contacts between businessmen of the two countries. We would like the forthcoming signing of the agreement on visa-free trips between Belarus and Turkey to facilitate contacts between people and businessmen,” the minister stressed. He added that the two countries acknowledge the necessity to attach more attention to joint work in the logistics sector.

Sergei Martynov believes that the Belarusian-Turkish intergovernmental economic commission should sit every year.

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey Ertugrul Gunay supported the idea of annual meetings. In his words, Belarus and Turkey have a huge potential and are able to do a lot for further fruitful cooperation.

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