Belarus to announce tenders to develop brown coal, iron ore and oil shale deposits in March

In March 2011 Belarus will announce open international tenders for selection of investors for the development of brown coal, iron ore and oil shale deposits, announced the spokesperson for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Yelena Peniaz.

Business plans have been developed by ministries of natural resources and environmental protection, industry, architecture and construction and other agencies with assistance from the National Agency for Investment and Privatization.

The business projects suggest the creation of mining and processing plants to produce metallized pellets at Okolovsky iron ore deposit, to mine and process brown coals at the Brinev, Zhitkovichy and Tonezh deposits, and also the construction of a coal mining company and a coal-fired power plant at the Lelchitsy brown coal deposit. In addition, projects have been developed regarding the development of the Turov and Luban oil shale fields, the Sitnitsa deposit of building stone and the setting up of a mining and processing enterprise.

The government will provide support to these projects. Under these projects an on-site iron ore base for Belarus’ metallurgy will be created. They will also help satisfy the demand of the Belarusian economy for hydrocarbons and raw materials for the construction industry. The projects will be implemented in line with the following scheme: project engineering, construction, financing, and operation.

According to Yelena Penyaz, the tenders will be based on the principle of transparency and compliance with international standards. The projects will be implemented on a tight schedule. There are plans to sign necessary agreements by the end of 2011.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection will act as a coordinator of the projects. Information about the tenders is posted on the ministry’s official website.

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