Belarus to build 385MW wind farms by 2015

In 2011-2015 Belarus plans to construct wind farms with a total electric capacity of 265-285MW, chairman of the permanent commission for economy, budget and finances of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus Vadim Popov said in an international conference, Securing Energy Stability of Companies and Opportunities to Use Alternative Energy Resources, in Minsk on 19 April. 

The financing required to implement energy saving activities and the use of Belarus own energy resources will exceed $8.6 billion by 2015. There are plans for the construction and upgrading of 221 energy sources operated on local fuels with a total electric capacity of 120.3-128.3MW and heat output of 1383MW. Some 102 more biogas units will be constructed in the rural and utilities organizations, microbiological industry with a total electric capacity of 77.8MW. An estimated 35 hydropower plants with a total electric capacity of up to 120MW will be built and restored. A set of 184 solar power plants will be introduced to meet hot water supply needs. 166 new thermal pumps will be installed to use low-potential secondary energy resources and geothermal energy.

“Belarus pays special attention to energy saving issues,” Vadim Popov stressed, taking note of a great significance of Directive No. 3 in the matter. “To date we have created an extensive legal framework on this issue and developed the financial and economic mechanism of energy conservation,” the chairman of the commission said. 

Vadim Popov noted the importance of the recently adopted laws on energy conservation, amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences establishing responsibility for the irrational use of energy resources and also amendments on renewable energy. “This law is designed to protect the environment and reduce dependence of Belarus on imported fuels. It aims to create conditions for the development of legal relations in priority use of renewable energy,” Vadim Popov said. According to the senator, the law on renewable energy eliminates the gap in the legislation and should contribute to the intensive development of the legal framework in this area.

Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Belarus Marian Servatka said that Slovakia as well as Belarus pays special attention to alternative energy. The country now uses the energy of water, wind, solar, biogas, biomass and nuclear energy. He stressed that Slovak companies are willing to share their experience in the field of renewable energy and funding opportunities with Belarusian colleagues. Juraj Prochazka, CEO at Elteco a.s., one of the leading Slovak electrical companies, spoke about the implementation of energy projects in Belarus. He noted that the company has been on the Belarusian market for 14 years. During this period the company has implemented a sufficient number of large and small projects throughout the country.

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