Belarus to make unmanned aircraft in job lots

Belarus plans to start batch production of unmanned aircraft and export them, Sergei Rakhmanov, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, told the press on 12 May.

The project is part of the new program designed to guide Belarus’ innovation-driven development in 2011-2015. The project envisages designing and manufacturing multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicles with improved capabilities, said the official. Such machines have not been produced in Belarus before.

Unmanned aircraft allow monitoring vast territories with minimal costs for the sake of preventing fires, monitoring the state of crops in fields, for ecological monitoring, controlling traffic and many other things. Belarusian unmanned aircraft will boast the latest optical instruments and will be able to compete with foreign products on even terms. Such projects meet a huge interest among other colleagues abroad, said Sergei Rakhmanov.

According to the source, Belarus aims to export its products when it plans to implement such projects. The same is true as far as unmanned aircraft are concerned.

Launching a national system for aerospace monitoring and processing of the Earth remote sensing data will be another promising project for the current five-year term.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus plans to accomplish eleven major innovation projects within the next five years. Among them is the production of LED products together with German investors, the opening of a national center for genetic marking and certification of plants, animals, microbes and humans, the construction of a facility to breed animals with a high genetic potential for the sake of developing dairy cattle farming, the construction of a new plant that will use hot galvanizing technology to protect metal structures from corrosion.

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