Belarus to put over $8.6bn in energy conservation in 2011-2015

The total financing of the Belarusian national program on energy conservation and the use of local energy resources in 2011-2015 will exceed $8.6 billion, First Deputy Director of the Department for Energy Efficiency of the State Standardization Committee Viktor Akushko said at the international seminar on renewable energy development in Minsk on 22 February.

The national program envisages the construction and upgrading of 221 energy facilities operating on local fuels (total electric output of 120.3-128.3MW and thermal capacity of 1383MW), construction of 102 biogas facilities in the agricultural and utilities sectors, in bioindustry and at refuse dumps (total electric output of 77.8MW), construction and restoration of 25 hydroelectric power plants (total electric output of 102MW), construction of wind farms (365-385MW), installation of 184 solar power stations for hot water supply and 166 heat pumps for the use of low-potential secondary energy resources and geothermal energy.

Viktor Akushko emphasized the leading role of Directive No 3 in the implementation of the national renewable energy policy.

Minsk is hosting an international seminar on renewable energy development on 22-24 February. Attending the forum are specialists from Armenia, Belarus, Japan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan as well as the experts of the UNESCO International Sustainable Energy Development Center and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

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