Belarus to set up new car production facility

A new car-making company will be established in Belarus, Deputy Head of the Chief Innovation and Investment Department of the Industry Ministry of Belarus Valery Fishman told reporters on 12 May.

He reminded that Belarus had already tried to set up and develop car-making industry, but the investor chosen for the project did not meet the expectations of the Industry Ministry. “We are not 100% sure that the new project will materialize, but we have a market and it will encourage car production. We hope the project will be more successful,” he said. 

According to Valery Fishman, Belarus needs to produce about 20,000 cars per year; otherwise, the production will make no sense and generate no profit. “We cannot say that this production will fully satisfy Belarus’ car market. The production will rather be designed for the Russian market and the markets of the neighboring countries. However, many changes might be introduced as the project is implemented,” he added. 

Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technologies of Belarus Igor Voitov informed that at present Belarus is holding talks on foreign capital for the project. “We are considering cooperation with Germany, Japan, China, and Iran. Heads of major international corporations have come to Belarus; the talks are underway,” he said.

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