Belarus wants to raise Azeri capital to develop logistic centers

Belarus would like to raise Azerbaijani investments to develop transport and logistic centers, announced Transport and Communications Minister of Belarus Ivan Shcherbo. 

“We would like to raise Azerbaijani capital into the development of transport and logistic centers. Azerbaijani investors have already signaled their readiness to take part in such projects,” the minister said. According to him, Belarus is successfully developing the China-Kazakhstan-Russia route with the access to the Baltic Sea. “Our next route will lie through Azerbaijan and Iran to India,” Ivan Shcherbo said. 

In his words, Belarus would like to take part in the expansion of the railway system in Azerbaijan. 

“Belarus will take part in the relevant tender. Railway teleautomatics and electronics industries are quite well developed in Belarus,” he stressed.

In addition, the two sides discussed a car overhaul project involving Gomel Repair Plant. Of 370 passenger cars of the Azerbaijani railways 300 need major repairs.

According to Ivan Shcherbo, transit is the most attractive cooperation area for the transport industries of the two countries. “We are discussing partnership in this area. We have great opportunities to ramp up cooperation in this area,” stressed the minister.

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