Belarusian PM urges to implement Ivatsevichdrev investment project faster

The implementation of the investment project to build a workshop to manufacture flake boards and laminated boards at OAO Ivatsevichdrev should be accelerated without damaging quality, said Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich as he visited OAO Ivatsevichdrev, Ivatsevichi District on 12 October.

Mikhail Myasnikovich said that a synergy of efforts of all participants of the project – contractors, subcontractors, the customer, the foreign equipment supplier - was important at this point. 

Vladimir Shulga, Chairman of the Belarusian forestry industry concern Bellesbumprom, said that the investment project at OAO Ivatsevichdrev is the largest ongoing project the concern is implementing. The project provides for building an enterprise able to turn out 250,000 cubic meters of laminated flake boards 8-40mm thick. If necessary, the output can be increased up to 320,000 cubic meters. At present OAO Ivatsevichdrev manufactures only about 100,000 cubic meters of flake boards 16mm thick. Vladimir Shulga said that flake boards are in demand of the civil engineering and furniture making industries. The new enterprise will be able to satisfy the domestic demand for flake boards, which is now estimated at 200,000-250,000 cubic meters. Since the company Rechitsadrev plans to make 200,000 cubic meters of flake boards in the future, the total output will be sufficient to make one think about exporting them.

The OAO Ivatsevichdrev project costs approximately €131 million, including €75 million to be spent on high-tech equipment. As much as €40 million will be spent on construction and installation work and on buying auxiliary equipment. A tied credit line from Germany has provided 85% of the required investments, with 15% borrowed from Belarusbank.

Speaking about the importance of the project, the Bellesbumprom Chairman said that Belarus imports over $100 million worth of flake boards and medium-density boards every year. Investments in the project are comparable to the annual import of these materials, said the official.

The first stage of the investment project that envisages production of flake boards is supposed to finish in December 2011, with the enterprise turning out the make early next year.

The enterprise will not use natural gas. The second stage of the project provides for building a 30MW power plant that will be commissioned in H1 2012. In the future the power plant will make the enterprise independent from natural gas, said Vladimir Shulga.

The new enterprise will create about 400 jobs. The specialists will be trained in Germany.

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